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How to Write a Novel – A behind the scenes look at the new digital course

As most of you have heard by now, I’ve spent the past five months working on something really special just for all of you! And now, it’s almost time to share it with you. My digital course, called How to Write a Novel walks you through the entire process of writing a novel, from before you even begin writing all the way through what to do after you finish writing. And it will be available to you March 9, 2020. But if you’re like me, you probably need to know a bit more about a digital (online) course before you invest your hard-earned money and take the leap of faith that the course will actually help you. I promise. It will help you write your best book. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are the answers to some questions I’m sure you’ve got bouncing around in your brains:

Why did I create this course?

I developed this course recently because, while there are some courses out there that claim to teach you how to write a novel, they don’t really cover everything an author needs to know, beginning to end. They either focus on the craft of writing or how to publish and/or market your book. One or the other. But MY course will cover every single aspect of writing a novel. I wanted to have one good course available to authors that would literally walk them through the entire process from beginning to end. And that is why I’ve been working day in and day out for 5 months to bring this to you now.

Also, when I first started getting serious about writing books almost ten years ago, there weren’t nearly as many resources for authors as there are now, and I swore that, if I ever got to a place where I felt I could help my fellow authors avoid some of the struggles I faced early on, I would do just that. That’s why I became an editor and author coach. It’s why my website has an entire page dedicated to Author Resources you can use. And it’s why I’ve developed this start to finish course to help coach you through the entire process of writing a book people will not only want to buy and read, but they will tell their friends about and spread the word. 

What does the course include?

The course has three Modules (sections). They look like this:

  • Introduction Video
  • Module 1 – What you must do before you start writing 
  • Module 2 – Now, you’re ready to write!
  • Module 3 – What to do after you type “the end”
  • Farewell Video

Each module has eight to ten lessons that range in topic from how to choose a story idea when you have several in mind to how to develop strong, well-rounded characters to how to publish your book and how to market it. And so much more. There are over thirty lessons in all, which includes a bonus lesson at the end of each Module. You’ll learn how to overcome writers block, determine your book’s genre, how to create a compelling setting for your book, how to write the best beginning of your book, how to publish on Amazon (KDP), and even how to market your book using several different tried and proven methods. I honestly think I’ve covered every single step you need to take before, during, and after you write your book. I polled my followers often as I created this course to find out what they wanted to learn most, and everything you guys asked for is included, and then some. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for literally any writer who wants to write their best book, regardless of your plans for after you finish. However, I think indie authors (or self-published authors) will get the most out of the course, especially Module 3, where we focus on how to publish and market your book. However, don’t worry. If you’re an author who wants to get an agent and try for a Big 5 publishing deal, you’ll still get a lot out of the course. Or, you can wait until my next course comes out in a few months, which will focus on how to query and work with agents and traditional publishers. But again, I’d still consider taking the course, even if you think you want to go that route. You may just decide to self-publish after you hear what I have to share. 

There is no age limit. Writers young and old will be able to process the information contained in this course. And while I do often refer to the protagonist throughout the course as a “she,” men will get just as much out of this course as women. 

And, finally, there is no skill-level requirement. Writers at different stages of the writing journey will be able to take this course and put its information to good use. You don’t have to be a beginner, but you don’t have to be advanced, either, to understand the concepts I share with you throughout this course. I break everything down in detail to make sure authors of every skill level are able to understand and implement my methods. 

How will I access to the course?

I’m creating the content, slides, and recordings myself, but I’m launching the course on a platform called Teachable. Once the course goes live on March 9, you’ll be able to click on a link which I will be sharing by email and social media and be taken instantly to my course checkout page. Or, you can simply go March 9 online and Google “How to Write a Novel Digital Course with Christina Kaye,” and you should be able to find it easily. You don’t need any special equipment or materials to take this course. You just need a computer that has audio, which is, like, every computer these days. 

However, I do want to emphasize that, while everyone will have access to this course on March 9, the course, as of now, is only scheduled to be open for EIGHT DAYS. That means you must hurry and sign up as soon as I launch the course so you don’t miss out. There are not limited numbers of seats, but there IS a limited time in which you can currently take the course. I MAY extend it, but that’s not my plan right now. 

Finally, and this is the most important part you need to know…ONLY my email subscribers will get access to all the prelaunch announcements, free webinars, free mini-video lessons, AND a special discount/coupon code which will give you $50 off the total purchase price! Let me repeat that. ONLY my email subscribers will get access to free content and a $50 off coupon code. So if you have not already signed up for our newsletter, NOW is the time to do that. Simply visit our website at You can opt-in to the email list on the Home Page, Blog Page, About Us Page, or the Contact Us Page. EVERYONE who signs up will also instantly receive access to my free downloadable guide called “How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript.” It’s our most popular freebie ever, and it’s been shared and talked about so much, we recently brought it back for this course launch. So that’s why I’m repeating myself about the email list. I want you all to have access to the discount and freebies. And my current 1,000 + email subscribers can attest to the fact that I never spam them, and I always provide tons of free tips, tricks, and advice to help you write your best book. It’s a win-win situation, folks. You can’t go wrong. 

What does the course cost?

Good question. I did some market research on this issue because I honestly struggled with this question myself all the way up until late last night. I wanted to make sure to price it appropriately for the amount of information that is contained in the entire course, but I also wanted to make it affordable for literally everyone, even those on a tight budget. AND, I wanted to make it competitive with other courses that claim to teach authors how to write a novel. 

So, what I landed on is this. The course itself, from beginning to end, including all thirty-plus lessons, videos, and worksheets is only $297. That’s less than any of the other courses that claim to do the same thing I’m offering you. The closest comparable course is Joanna Penn’s course on writing a book which is $299. But while I adore Joanna, I don’t think her course is as all-encompassing as mine is. 

And don’t forget, you don’t just get free videos, you get more than thirty lessons which will walk you through the entire process of writing, publishing, and marketing your best book. You also get free, downloadable worksheets for many of the lessons that you can hang onto and use when you’re ready for each step of the process. That way, you won’t ever forget anything I’ve taught you and you can literally practice and put everything into motion yourself. 

And the best part is… my course will have two payment options. One will be the full price purchase option ($297), which will allow you to access all of the lessons at once and at your convenience. The other option is to pay $97 per month for three months until paid in full. Your credit card will automatically be debited $97 once a month for three months. This makes the course even more affordable if you’re on a budget. I love this option, and that’s why I’m offering it to you. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to already be worried about what you have to spend to write and publish a book. But hear me now. This is an INVESTMENT in your book and your writing career. This is not just some fun course you can take and maybe walk away with a few tidbits here and there. This course will walk you through writing a book beginning to end. You can’t put a price tag on that, folks. But since I had to, I decided to give you two payment options to make it easier to manage for everyone who is interested in the Write Your Best Book method. 


So now that you have all the information you need about How to Write a Novel, be sure to mark your calendars for March 9 so you don’t miss the launch of this super amazing digital course. And once again, be sure you’ve signed up for our email list by visiting and signing in on any of the opt-in forms available across the site. 

This is a labor of love, folks. And I want you all to be able to learn from all the resources I’ve gathered, my training, and my experience both as an award-winning author and editor for 10 years. This is not about the money for me, which is why I’ve made the course so affordable. It’s about paying it forward and helping as many authors write their best book as I possibly can. 

This is what I do for a living now, folks. This is all I want to do. I want to help authors in every way possible every single day for the rest of my working life. You might as well take advantage of this course while you can, but even if you don’t, I’m not going to quit handing out advice and helping writers become the best authors they can be, helping them write their best book, and helping them sell as many books as possible. I hope you’ll stick with me on this journey because it means the world to me to be able to help you write your best book. And this course is just another way for me to do that. 

So please join me March 9 and sign up for my digital course called “How to Write a Novel.” Either way, I love you all, and I thank you for your constant support from the bottom of my heart.

Talk soon,

Christina Kaye