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So, you are writing your book, and you are wondering: do I need an author website? What the heck would I even put on it? Do I start it now, or should I wait until my book is published?


So, why do you need an author website? I covered this on the podcast episode I got to guest host with Christy but here are a few points:

  • Own your own space! (Instead of renting some space on social media)
  • Have somewhere to direct all that social media traffic to!
  • Lots of different opportunities to monetize your ideas!
  • Build your email list of raving fans

So now you have a website! 


Now what?

Well, there are a few things to consider adding to your site to make it stand out- and help you sell books!

Don’t forget your privacy policy and any disclosures you might need!

This is the boring stuff, but it’s really important! You can generate one for free at Disclosures are necessary for certain situations, like if you have affiliate links. Otherwise, a privacy policy should be good.

Great images!

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to have great images on your site! You can create some create images on Canva (the free should be fine, then just use a free background remover if you want it to be transparent) There are awesome graphic designers and even VAs that you can hire to create some scroll-stopping images for you (this definitely includes your book cover!) Make sure that you check out the LINK Author Resources page for Christy’s recommendations, or feel free to reach out to her and ask!

A Call to Action that’s prominently displayed

The whole point of your website is to help people find and buy your book, right? MAKE IT SUPER EASY FOR THEM! Make sure your call to action is right at the top so it’s the first thing people see when they get on your page. Make sure that you have some great copy to go with that call to action- this can be a short blurb or an excerpt from the back book cover description. Make sure that those are great, too! Don’t forget to check the author resources page for Christy’s recommendations if you want to hire someone to help you write your book descriptions or blurbs!

You don’t have to wait to publish to have a Call to Action!

Are you still working on your masterpiece, and worried that you don’t have a call to action? THINK AGAIN! You can set up a simple welcome sequence with your favorite email service (Mailchimp is free and pretty easy to use once you figure out the lingo) and send out a buy now alert when your book is ready! A lot of my clients are nervous about setting up a newsletter because they don’t know what to send out email about- but guess what? You don’t have to send out regular emails if you don’t want to. Or you can just choose to start sending them out later. The most important thing here is to start building the list!

Don’t do it alone! Hire a web designer (like me!) to help you!

Building a website is a big job! And building a beautiful website that actually converts visitors into buyers is a behemoth of a task! So you shouldn’t have to do it alone. If you would like help building your beautiful author website, feel free to schedule a free call with me HERE. (Did I mention that I have great author page specials going on?) AND when you mention Write Your Best Book, you will also get an additional $50 off!