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How to Create Your Own Sacred Writing Nook

Every author must have their own separate, quiet, distraction-free writing space (nook)!

I know. I know. It is so much easier to say than it is to do. Especially in 2021, when we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, everyone is working from home, and many of us are pulling triple duty as parents, employees, and now, substitute teachers. 

Not only that, while some few privileged folk live in McMansions where they can have a dedicated room where they can shut out the world and write to their heart’s content, most people are sharing a space with other family members, roommates, etc. 

Time, space, and money are limited. Trust me. I get it.

But you can (and should) still create some small corner of your living space and dedicate it to your writing. First, let’s talk about the WHY behind needing your own sacred writing space.


We need quiet to focus

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s hard enough to concentrate on my writing with all the things to do swimming around in my noggin. Let alone if there are noises going off all around me. Whether it was my girls when they were little, blaring their Sponge Bob episodes or even just the everyday noises inside a family home, even now as an “empty nester,” if there are loud or even just constant noises in the background, I simply cannot focus. 

We just cannot possibly get in the right frame of mind or concentrate with too much noise surrounding us. And even if we do try to “power through” and write despite the background noise, odds are, we’ll miss something or make major mistakes, etc. Now, mistakes are fine in a first draft, but it certainly makes revisions and edits easier in the end if we reduce the number of silly mistakes made due to inability to concentrate.

We need “me time”

Again, many of us, especially woman (sorry, true is true) are wearing so many hats these days from wife to mom to boss or employee to writer to school teacher and so on. If we don’t have even the tiniest space that is OURS, and we cannot focus on the one true passion of ours, then not only will we burn out, we may just crash and burn.

Everyone…and I mean everyone deserves “me time.” And if writing is the thing you do that makes you feel like YOU, then you must find a place you can call your own and where you can focus on cultivating and nurturing that passion and investing in yourself. 

I could write an entire blog post on the WHY behind needing this special writing space, but I think you get the idea for now. So, let’s now talk about the WHERE. 


A separate room 

If at all possible, yes, it is ideal to have a specially designated, separate room in your house you can call your own, where no one else can or would even want to go because it’s so YOU. The benefit here is not only having a cordoned off area where you can close the door and literally shut the world out, but you can put this room together and decorate it any way you want and in any fashion that makes it more conducive to your writing needs. If you have even a large closet you’re not using or a small guest bedroom where no one hardly ever comes to visit these days, consider clearing it out, repurposing it, and claiming it as your own.

A corner somewhere

However, like most folks, you may not have even a spare closet you can take over. That’s okay. You still have options. Perhaps there’s another place somewhere in your home that you can claim for your writing space. Maybe you can clean out the garage or even half of it, clean it out, add a space heater for cold days and a fan for hot days, and turn it into your nook. Or how about even just creating a corner of your master bedroom and setting it up as your nook. Sure, the space will be a bit tight, but you really don’t need a ton of space. In fact, in a minute, we’ll talk about ways you can save space and still have all the essentials. Wherever you choose to set this up (basement, attic, shed), all you need is a few square feet of living space…big enough to fit you and a laptop and maybe a small desk. That’s it.

And let’s face it, is it so much to ask (demand) for you to have a 4-foot square section of the 1,500 square foot home you pay for each month? I think not. 

Okay, hopefully now, I’ve convinced you why you need your own sacred writing space and given you some ideas on where you can set it up. Now comes the fun part. Let’s talk about the HOW. 


Well, I’m so glad you asked. I just love talking about all the things writers can use to make their writing jobs easier, faster, and better. But recently, I was dismayed when it dawned on me that there were literally no online retail shops aimed at writers and selling them all the essentials they need for writing their best book. That was…until now.

I’m so thrilled to announce that we just launched BOOK BOSS BOUTIQUE, the first one-stop online shop for bookish folk where you can find and buy some of the coolest, most unique, quality, and affordable writing and reading essentials available anywhere. 

At Book Boss Boutique, I’ve not only searched the world over for all the author essentials, I’ve found and brought you some of the most UNIQUE essentials for your writing space you will find anywhere online. And trust me, I had to dig deep to find some of these bad boys.

Let’s break it down by our current four collections. I’ll show you just a few of our best products listed (so far) in our online shop.

Writing Gadgets

These products are those you almost can’t write without. They’re the essential techy things that make a writer’s life possible and, in some cases,, super easy and fun. Here are two of our favorite products, which are already selling really well.

Document and Image Reader/Scanner

This super cool little gadget is one of our absolute favorite products already. It’s the size of a large, thick pen, but it’s packed with so much awesomeness, I don’t see how it contains it all. You simply run the scanner over the line of text or image you want to save, whether it’s from a book, magazine, or anything you want to convert to your computer, and instantly, the image copies and appears on your computer screen so you can edit, save, and do whatever you need with it! 

Portable Virtual Keyboard Projector

Possibly as cool or even cooler than the reader/scanner, this nifty gadget is so futuristic, I wasn’t really sure it could possibly work as they say it does. But, boy, does it. This small device connects wirelessly using Bluetooth technology to your phone or tablet, and instantly, it projects a QWERTY keyboard onto any flat, clear surface. Then, you can type anything you need to, and it will save it so you can then transmit it to your desktop or laptop. 

Writing Supplies

These products are the ones you don’t necessarily need to type up your manuscript, however, they are absolutely essential both as you’re plotting and planning your book, as well as making the typing of your manuscript much more efficient, easier, and more fun! Here again are two of our top selling (and most favorite) must-haves when it comes to writing support supplies.

Dry Erase/Whiteboards

I could not live without my whiteboard. The ability to write down ideas, notes, scheduled tasks, etc. in a place that is visible whenever I need it is just so essential. These are perfect especially for when you’re plotting your novel, mapping out scenes, developing characters, or any other book planning elements. So I knew I had to have them in our shop. But even the smaller wall mounted versions are expensive and the cost to ship them would have not been effective. So, I dug around and I found you TWO solutions! We have both a desktop version AND (this is so cool) a peel and stick version you can trim and size however you want, then safely and easily stick in on the wall near your desk, so you can now jot down ideas, etc., and be able to see them without constantly turning around! 

Adjustable Standing Laptop Stand

This is so handy, useful, and necessary, folks. It’s almost impossible to naturally situate your desktop monitor or your laptop screen in a way that lines up perfectly with your line of vision AND allows you to sit in the proper position to avoid strain to your eyes, neck, and back! I learned this the really hard way, so after almost 20 years of suffering from back pain and neck stiffness, I found myself one of these unique stands that not only holds your screen and adjusts to the correct height for line of vision, but it also allows you to STAND at your desk with little to no effort in adjusting the height! And studies have shown that shifting your position every 20-30 minutes can help minimize or even eliminate pain in your neck, back, hips, and tush.

Writer Comfort & Health

Again, I struggled with the title for this category, but just roll with it, please. This collection features the products you MUST HAVE in your life as a writer, especially if you want to write in comfort and decrease stiffness. Experts all agree that spending hours on end sitting sedentary at your computer is not only bad for your health, it is the leading cause of neck, back, and hip pain in working (and writing) professionals these days. Here are only two of our top products that will help you maintain good posture and avoid adding stress and strain while writing.

Wooden Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “How can a wooden wrist rest be comfortable?” I thought the same thing, but when I kept coming across this rest in my search through modern/recent/and popular new office products, I had to give it a try. And…wow. It’s somewhat cool to the touch, so it never causes your wrists to get hot and sweaty as the old style ones do (something I never even thought of!). And it’s designed to let your wrists lie perfectly positioned to avoid or at least slow down the onset of wrist strain and discomfort. 

Breathable Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Or, as I call it, the “tush cush.” It may look sorta silly, but it’s super comfortable and it can help prevent pain and stiffness in your hips, back, and rearend. We all know what our tushes start feeling like after we sit for hours at a time writing. But with this tush cush, your butt stays cool and not sweaty, and it allows your hips and spine to remain in perfect posture and alignment, allowing you to sit for longer periods of time in comfort, all while avoiding injury to your nether regions.

And finally…

Writer Zen

Still not the best name for the collection, but again, stick with me. This collection features products and essentials that allow you to not only create a writing nook that is personalized to your style, but also creates the perfect ambience for writing and creativity. Below are just two of the many products we currently offer (more to come)! 

USB Compatible Mug Warmer

Coffee and writing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Am I right? Okay, so maybe you prefer wine to coffee, but I think it’s safe to say MANY authors love to keep a delicious, warm cup of coffee at their side as they write. So this electric cup/mug warmer is perfect for keeping your coffee or tea warm as you write so you don’t have to keep hopping up to reheat and wind up losing your stream of creativity. It easily plugs into any computer using USB cable, which is a bonus as it allows you to keep it right by your side (don’t spill!) and not clutter up your socket with yet another electrical plug.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers/aroma therapy are all the rage right now. And for good reason. Whether you believe in these oils and their therapeutic properties or not, one thing is undeniably true. Our brains are connected so tightly to our sense of smell, it literally is the strongest sense we have that ties to memory and our mind. True story. So, having the right aroma wafting through your writing nook can definitely be transportive and help set the mood for writing. If nothing else, it makes your nook smell like citrus or lavender or any of the essential oils (which we also carry) you choose from to set the mood and ambience perfect for writing.

I hope this post has inspired you, at the very least, to set up your very own sacred, special writing nook! Even if you already have a desk where you write, make sure you have not only the essential supplies you need but also the products you need to make the space all your own and create the best ambience while you write.

And please at least check out Book Boss Boutique. Even if you don’t buy something today, please help us by spreading the word. We’re only a few days old and it’s taking off pretty well already. But we want to reach as many authors worldwide as we can and help them create a writing space that is unique, supportive, and perfectly suited for writing your best book ever. 

Talk soon,