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How to Create Professional-Looking Promos for Your Book!

You guys may have noticed me posting more and more promo images lately. And maybe you wondered who I hired to design them. While I have a very dependable and loyal designer (Ashley Byland – Redbird Designs) who handles most of my “major” design projects, I don’t want to bombard her with every single image I need made for my business or for my book promotions. A while back, I discovered this amazing site called Canva, and it literally changed my world.
Canva allows you to create images for almost any purpose under the sun, from social media banners, business cards, logos, resumes, flyers, and so much more.

And it doesn’t take a design degree to create these images, either. It’s self-explanatory and the program walks users through the process step by step. I use Canva almost every single day to create social media posts which I upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn and Pinterest. It takes me less than 10 minutes to create images like: writing prompts, editing tips, and discount promotions. And let me be clear…I have not one artistic bone in my body. Canva is so simple to use, it will blow your mind. And it will change your social media game and help you promote your books in a way that presents you and your brand in a more professional light.
Let me show you just a few of the really awesome features Canva offers to help you create professional quality images:
You can choose “templates” premade by Canva pros and use them as the inspiration for your own image. You can edit it to make it fit your own needs.

If you want to start from scratch, you can start by choosing one of hundreds of background colors and even images to begin your promo image.

Next, you can add text and choose from thousands of fonts, as well as change the size and color of each word or phrase you add to your image.

Another cool feature is that you can upload any images you want (long as it’s yours, licensed, or free stock images), including your logo, your picture, or any other image you need to create your promotion.

When you’ve finished creating your document or image, you have different options for downloading, including PDF, PNG, and JPEG. You can also adjust the pixels and size to ensure compliance with whatever you are using the image for. For example, I’m currently using Canva to create my podcast cover art, and I know from my research the image needs to be between 1400 px and 3000 px. Canva gives me three size options to ensure my image is in the right range!
There’s literally no limit to the possibilities this program offers, especially for authors who need to create promotional images, teasers, bookmarks, business cards, even book covers! I use them for promotional posts for my editing business, like this one:

They offer a free, basic option, but I recommend paying less than $10 a month for the pro version, which opens the user up to hundreds more images, graphics, and fonts.
Top Shelf Editing is excited to be an affiliate partner with Canva!
Check it out now! Click on the logo below!

Talk soon,Christina KayeAward-Winning AuthorCEO/Editor Top Shelf Editing