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Commonly Misused Words

As an editor, it’s my job to find and correct mistakes in my clients’ manuscripts. Over the years, I’ve noticed there are several words and phrases that many authors get wrong. It’s mostly out of habit. Sometimes, it’s an issue of regional jargon. But, at the end of the day, if you’re writing a book, you must adhere to proper English and grammar. Here is a list of just a few of the most commonly misused words I have noticed throughout my career.

All of the sudden –> All of A sudden (or SUDDENLY)

I should of been there –> I should HAVE been there.

For all intensive purposes –> For all INTENTS AND purposes

I could care less –> I COULDN’T care less

Supposably, she’s a doctor — > SUPPOSEDLY, she’s a doctor

Enamored by –> enamored with (or enamored of)

She honed in on the target –> She homed in on the target

Irregardless –> REGARDLESS

There’s a lot of people here –> There ARE a lot of people here

Chomping at the bit –> CHAMPING at the bit

Waited with baited breath –> waited with BATED breath

It peaked my interest –> it PIQUED my interest

She peaked at him –> she PEEKED at him

He did it on accident –> He did it BY accident

I’m having hunger pains –> I’m having hunger PANGS

I myself am a dancer –> I AM a dancer.

I walked passed the tree –> I walked PAST the tree.

They were unphased by his words –> They were UNFAZED by his words

She has an alterior motive –> She has an ULTERIOR motive

I better go home –> I HAD better go home

He lead the horse to the bard –> He LED the horse to the barn

She ran towards me –> She ran TOWARD me.

I was tired afterwards –> I was tired AFTERWARD

He walked backwards –> He walked BACKWARD

She like him and vica versa –> She likes him and VICE VERSA

In regards to your inquiry –> In REGARD to your inquiry (or REGARDING)

They were all together wrong –> They were ALTOGETHER wrong

The amount of dollars is insane –> The NUMBER of dollars is insane

She is different from us –> She is different THAN us.

Even Word spellchecking was mad at me as I wrote this post!
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