Successful Client Feature!

Here are just three of our most recent, happy, successful clients!

A few times each year, we’ll switch it up a bit with new client features, so if you’d like to be one of our future successful clients, featured right here on this page…

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I was lucky to work with Christina to (finally) publish my first book. I needed help focusing and understanding what to do and when. I knew I didn’t have the ability to aggregate all that data without assistance. Christina listened to my goals, helped me craft a detailed weekly plan, and kept me on target. As a result, my first launch was incredibly successful and I’m almost done with book two! I know that wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance and support!



and the way she handled my schedule, my writing style, and my delicate book baby was like the hands of a mother, thus earning her the title on #AuthorTok, “Author Mom.” My book was stagnant until I met her, and what took several years was finished in mere MONTHS because of her expertise. I will NEVER go through another editing service! Christina and her team handled my manuscript like a delicate vase, and helped turn it into something unbreakable.



Christina and her team were instrumental in the success of my first book. From the scheduling process to the proposal to the final edit review and every single aspect of the client experience…I was treated with absolute professionalism. I received top notch editing and, most of all, the encouragement I needed to pursue my dream, which is so incredibly important to a brand new writer. I’m so grateful for Christina’s commitment to helping new authors find their voice!


Successful Book Feature!

And here’s a handful of our recent, most successful clients’ books! 

We’ve included a few from different genres, so you can see all that we can do, regardless of what type of book you’re writing!

And we’ve included a purchase link for each so you can not only verify them, but you can pick one up, read for yourself, and see the kind of high-quality work we do for our clients!

We promise, you won’t be disappointed!