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Why You Need In Your Life!

As authors, we all know (or should know) by now that we have to market our own books effectively if we want to sell more than a handful of copies, even if we get a traditional publishing deal (yep, it’s true)! But have you ever wondered how on earth to keep track of all the links you’re supposed to be sharing with your followers, like your website, newsletter, purchase page, landing page, guest blog posts, etc.? I have the perfect solution for keeping track of and for sharing all of them in one quick and easy way.


But first, why do we need a solution like this one?

Well, in case you have been living under a rock and you have not even started your social media marketing campaign yet (where have you been?), social media platforms do NOT make it easy for anyone to share outside links inside their interface.


Facebook has admitted that they will seriously throttle your engagement (slow it down) if you include links in the posts you put in your feed. Meaning, if you want to post on your OWN feed about your book release, and you (obviously) want to include the link to your Amazon page, here’s what happens. Facebook detects that external link, and they “throttle” your post, meaning, they severely reduce the number of people who can see it, effectively making it pointless to even post external links. Why? It’s obvious when you think about it. They want you (and followers) to stay INSIDE Facebook, and they do not want us redirecting anyone OUTSIDE Facebook. This is reason number 1,678 that so many folks are slowly steering their ships away from Facebook. In a matter of time, Facebook will either have to shut down or drastically change their practices. Mark my words.


Then, you have Instagram. While I’ve not found any real evidence that they throttle engagement due to links, with IG, you simply cannot post links anywhere on their platform except for one place and one place only – your profile. And even there, you are only allowed to include ONE external link, so most people (mistakenly) just post their website in that spot.

While there’s nothing wrong, per se, with posting your website link in your profile, you and your followers are missing out on so many amazing promotional opportunities by doing that. This is why, lately, many people have wised up and started using apps like LinkTree, which allow them to essentially consolidate all their links into one central location, post that one link in their bio, and allow followers to access all their links with one click. And until lately, LinkTree was about the only solution we had for this kind of service.

Until now.

Recently, I was approached by the Founder and CEO of a business called, who had found my content on Tik Tok, saw that I was using LinkTree to source all my links, and he offered me a new solution that he claimed was way better than LinkTree. Of course, I’m a skeptic by nature, but (lucky for him), he’d taken a highly intelligent logistical step and he’d gone ahead and created my Beacons account for me! He simply and politely invited me to check out what he’d created, tweak it if necessary, add or delete anything I wanted, and let him know my thoughts.

Well, I was intrigued, so I clicked on the link, and instantly, this beautiful page that was already branded in my colors, popped up, complete with my important links! Score one more point for Beacons!

After digging around and exploring for just a few minutes, I quickly realized that it’s so much better than LinkTree ever thought of being. And here’s why.


Now, how do you set up your own Beacons account? It’s really simple. Here’s what you do.


First, head to on your favorite browser. The home page will appear, and you’ll want to (obviously) click SIGN UP.

Once you have signed up with basic info like your name, email address, etc., you will be taken to this page, where you will start building your profile. I recommend building your content first, then changing your appearance, but it really doesn’t matter. Start by picking your handle, uploading your headshot, etc.

Fill out all the information, most importantly (and unique to Beacon) is that you can list as many social media links as your little heart desires. But be sure you’re copying and pasting the link rather than trying to type your handle. You need to input the entire URL for it to work.

Hit the BACK button to go back to your home screen BUT always first make sure you click the blue toggle key to ensure that feature is turned ON! Next, you’ll want to fill out this important section where you can list any info about you that you an fit in there. I recommend something like, “Author of _______” or “USA Today Bestselling Author of ________.” Then, if room allows, you can say anything that shows your personality! As you can see, on mind, I listed just a few of my favorite things!

Next up, and this is SUPER COOL, guys. You can hit the EMAIL & SMS button, and it takes you to a screen where you can (get this) sign up email subscribers! You can link your lead magnet (freebie) and, even cooler, Beacon will collect email subscribers for you, and you can integrate with your email provider directly or with Zapier OR you can click VIEW SUBSCRIBERS and manually download them then upload to your provider. The choice is yours!

Keep moving! Next, and this is important. You can even add a link to a video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, Tik Tok, or basically any other cloud based host (as long as it has a URL). I highly recommend doing this, as do all marketing/social media experts these days! Video grabs more attention from viewers and followers than any other medium of content!

The next step is what you joined Beacons for to begin with. This is the LINKS button, and when you click that one, it allows you to quickly and easily add buttons/rows for each link you want to include. Here are my suggestions on what you should absolutely have in your link section: all social media links (including YouTube, Pinterest), your website, your landing page, your sign-up page, your Amazon purchase page(s), your blog, and virtually any links that relate to your branding/marketing campaigns. Here’s just a few of mine:

Finally (in this section), you can include product links, especially those you sponsor or those for which you are a brand ambassador, if that applies. I’m pretty sure you can also use this section to list your books with cover images one by one. But you may want to try it first and see. I use this for the products and services that sponsor my brand/business, so I’ve not tested that part yet.

Setting Your Brand Aesthetic

All right. Before you close out, you want to then click on APPEARANCE. This is where you can change and customize your Beacon account to fit your brand. Now, if you’ve been following me (or any writing expert, for that matter) for a while now, you know that branding is CRUCIAL to your book marketing efforts. By now, you should have already decided on your 2-3 brand colors (that fit your genre), your fonts, etc. Here in Beacon, you can even customize your account to match your brand. Here’s how.

Once inside the Appearance section, you can change or set your theme, set the colors (page, buttons, text) all to your brand colors, and even choose the font you want to use! Here are my settings.



Once you’ve set all your branding colors and customized your page, guess what? You’re ready to rock and roll! Your Beacons account has automatically been saving each step as you go, so you just have to copy your link and paste it into your bio on all your social platforms (hint: in Instagram, you likely have to type it, just make sure you get every character right and test it first).

Here’s what my finished Beacons account looks like:

One other really cool feature of Beacons is that anytime you update an external link, you DO NOT have to go into Beacon and copy and paste the link again to update it. Beacons’ AI interface automatically updates links when you do. The only time you’ll have to do it is if the actual URL or permalink changes.

Free Gift Time!

One last thing. If you would like to get your own Beacons page, simply click on the button below. You’ll get a FREE Beacons account on me! You will have to upgrade if you want access to Advanced features like a custom domain, marketing features (FB pixel, etc.), and turning off the Beacons logo. But you can always upgrade later, right?

I hope this blog post has been informative and helpful. Please be sure to leave a comment below and tell me if this sounds like something helpful to you! I answer all comments as soon as possible. And I love hearing from you guys.


Talk soon, and in the meantime, go write your best book!

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