Before we find the right service for you, I've got a question for you...

Did you know that 81% of Americans (about 260 million people) say they want to write a book? Did you also know that only 2% of those people (about 5.1 million) have taken the initiative to write that book?

And guess what?

You are one of those people!

You are special.

You are not just a dreamer…

You are a DO-er!

You Are a Two-Percenter!

Great…so now what?

Well, that all depends on where you are along your writing journey. But rest assured…whether you’re just in the trying-to-land-on-the-right-idea phase or if you’re in the I-just-finished-my-first-draft-now-what phase, Write Your Best Book has services and resources to help you write, publish, and sell your best book and become your very own…

The term “book boss” isn’t all that new. But at Write Your Best Book, we take that term seriously. Why? Because there’s so much power packed into those two little words. So much so, we use the term “Book Boss” when referring to any authors we work with. In fact, we came up with this little motto to explain how WE use the term Book Boss and what it means to us:

#bookboss motto

To get you started on your path to being your own #bookboss, pick which describes where you are on your author journey now:

When you click on the image above that MOST reminds you of yourself, you’ll be directed to the service we would recommend for you! But do feel free to look at each…you just never know!

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