Author Resources

Here at Write Your Best Book, we don’t just edit your book then disappear. We stay with ALL our authors through the entire process of revising, querying, and publishing! We ALSO help all our clients promote their books on our website and social media platforms. Tell me another editing service that does that!

As a part of our efforts to assist authors throughout their entire book journey, here is a list of some of our all-time favorite resources for authors. You’ll notice, we’ve only listed a select few. That’s because we can personally vouch for each of these providers, and we feel confident in sending our clients their way.

Check them out! Each one has been tried, tested, and approved by us!


Click on any of the banners below for more information about some of Write Your Best Books’, favorite partners.

Write Your Best Book Resources

Course: How to Write a GREAT book

Book Boss Vault

WYBB Podcast


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Book & Author Promotions


Write Your Best Book is PROUD to be partners with HEA Books, a marketing service for authors that offers book promotion service, including newsletters, Facebook events, blog/review tours, PR packages, PA services, cover reveals, release day parties, and so much more! Click on the banner above to read all about their services, rates, and testimonials!

Book Cover Designers

Cover Me Darling

RedBird Designs

Not only does Ashley provide you with quality, beautiful, impactful book covers, but she can also do cover reveals, teasers, promos, ads, FB cover images, Twitter banners, and so much more, all for the best rates in the biz! Click on the above banner to go check out her portfolio, services, and rates! Trust us, you will fall in love!

99 Designs

99 designs is a fun and unique platform which matches authors with cover designers and allows them to pair up in a completely original way. By entering into a “contest” the authors can view sometimes hundreds of bids for their cover design. You definitely have to try this and see how totally easy, fun, and unique this platform really is. Anyone who signs up with them by clicking on their logo and following this link will receive $20! Check it out now

Author Marketing Resources

Amanda Swank VA

Amanda offers social media marketing services including strategy sessions and coaching, social marketing plan creation, full administration, graphic design, caption creation, hashtag research, engagement, and more.   Full service social media monthly plans are available, as are a la carte services.



Here is a list of some of our all-time favorite author resource websites. Here you can find anything writing-related from writing tips and tricks, great writing-related blog posts, articles on writing and publishing, and so much more! Click on each website link to visit and learn more about how they can help you

Book Brush

For creating amazing graphics of your books. 

Use code BESTBOOK15 for 15% off your subscription to Book Brush!

Freelance Writer's Den

“Freelance Writers Den is the premier online resource for writers looking to launch and build lucrative freelance writing careers.” You can’t just join, you have to join a waiting list, so sign up ASAP!

The Creative Penn

Run by author and writing coach Joanna Penn, this site is full of helpful, free resources for indie authors from writing to marketing your books! Whatever topic you’re curious about, Joanna has an article for you

Jane Friedman

Run by one of the most popular author coaches, Jane Friedman, this site contains tons of helpful blog posts from Jane and contributing writers on everything you need to know to write your best book!

Writer's Digest

The go-to website for many authors for every topic related to writing. From writing to editing to publishing, and even marketing, there will be an article here to help guide you through the process.

Character Name Generators

We all know how hard it can sometimes be to come up with good, original character names. If you’re like us, you’ve probably even resorted to a Baby Names book in the past. But now, there are several free online tools that help you generate unique names for your characters, some based on genre, age, and sex of the characters. Check these out! 

Name Generator Fun


Online Courses

I hope you’ll turn to us and the Write Your Best Book Academy for your online course needs, but we realize there are other things you want to learn that we won’t cover. So here are some of the best places you can take online courses for affordable rates on things like marketing, publishing, and, yes, writing your best book!

The Creative Indie





Looking for a formatter? Someone to create a promotional video for your book? How about someone to edit your YouTube videos? Here are some sites we trust where you can hire freelance service providers for affordable rates. 



Task Scheduling


Need help staying on task? Or do you need a program to coordinate with your PA so you can assign him/her tasks, like scheduling takeovers, giveaways, and other promotional/marketing events? You MUST join Asana now! We use it every day to stay on task, and we couldn’t be happier with how much more efficient and productive we now are. Check it out now!


If you’re thinking of hosting a giveaway to help increase your social media following or grow your email subscriber list, look no further than these wonderful programs. We highly recommend KingSumo, as it helped us TRIPLE our followers and subscribers with just one giveaway! 

King Sumo


Create your own Graphics

I use Canva literally every day to create professional-quality promos, teasers, and graphics. But there are templates for every kind of document you can think of on this site! It’s user-friendly, and it doesn’t take a bit of tech knowledge or graphic design experience to create the graphics you need. The basic program is free, but I recommend spending under $15/month to have access to all the templates, stock photos, fonts, and elements you could ever dream of! Check them out now!


Writing and Editing Programs

ProWriting Aid

The mother of all writing and editing programs for authors! Pro Writing Aid is much more reliable than Grammarly and its results are more accurate and reliable. I find it catches more errors and gives fewer “false” corrections. It has a ton of features, and it can help writers check for issues related to grammar, spelling, structure, readability, overused words, clichés, pacing, consistency, and more! You can use their website for free, but I recommend paying the very low monthly fee to get access to licenses for Word so you can work directly on your desktop writing program, as well as a Google extension to help you edit as you write online, too! Give them a try. You will not be sorry.


Literature and Latte (developers of Scrivener) are about to launch V3 of this writing platform, which you download right to your desktop. Inside Scrivener, you can create sticky notes, binders, character sketches, setting sketches, and oh, so much more. Scriveners saves where you leave off each time you stop for the day and brings you right back to that spot the next time you log in. It’s the perfect writing platform for authors as it allows you to import links, images, and more to help inspire you as you write. It can be a bit daunting to learn at first, but hang in there, watch videos, and once you figure it out, you’ll be so happy you now have a tool to help you not just write your book, but structure and plot it, as well! Oh, and once you’re done, you can export it to four or five different document types, including .pdf and .docx!