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Author Interview – Amelia Foster

Updated: Oct 16

As you know, we like to offer shout-outs to authors we believe in, even if they aren’t (yet) clients of Top Shelf Editing. Today, we’ve sat down with Author Amelia Foster. Please take a moment to read her interview, then hop on over and pick up a copy of her book MEANT TO BE KEPT

About Amelia Foster

Science tells us humans are made of 60% water. For Amelia, that would be more like 60% coffee, 10% chocolate, and the remaining 30% an equal mix of sarcasm and dirty jokes.

Forever in love with the written word – whether reading or writing – she has a special affinity for romances with saccharine sweet HEAs. Bonus points if there is a puppy. From sweet & adorable to smutty & salacious she will greedily devour them all.

Let’s dive right in with Amelia!

Have you ever cried over a book? If so, which one and why?

I’ve cried over probably every book I’ve written at one stage or another. Sometimes because I hit the emotional impact I was looking for and even caught myself in the feels or because I was just absolutely frustrated at not finding the right words or plot point.

As far as crying over books I read, my best friend basically considers her writerly job accomplished when she makes me cry with her words.

How do you name your characters?

Basically, like everything I do, my character names come in very odd ways. The male lead in my debut release, Meant to be Kept is Tanner Carlisle. I honestly can’t remember where the Carlisle surname came from, but Tanner is named after a reality TV show contestant from several years prior. Aside from that, I will randomly hear a name that tickles my ears and I tuck it into the back of my mind for a future character.

Do you believe writing is a gift or a learned skill?

I believe that the ability to create an engaging story is a gift. The technical craft is a learned skill and a never-ending journey. Every time I personally get a handle on one thing, another bad writing habit pops up that needs to be broken.

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym? If so, what was it?

I have and this is it. I work in medicine and, more than I’ll ever admit, write at work and do writerly tasks at work so I need to keep my real identity very separate from my writing identity.

Do you do research for your characters or settings? Give us an example.

I absolutely do. I like a wide variety of characters in my stories which means they all have unique careers and lives. I’ve worked in medicine for more than fifteen years in a very niche subspecialty so my personal experience is limited. Between friends and family, I do manage to get a decent grasp on most careers, but there are little details I wanted to make sure were accurate as well. For both my first and third books in the Meant To Be series, the love interests initially meet in college, Tanner and Izzy meet at Wake Forest, Connor and Kelsey meet at UNC Asheville. I’ve never attended either college so I did a lot of research into the programs available, the different educational buildings and their names as well as the campus layout and dorm names.

What’s your ultimate writing goal?

Even though (most of the time) I love my day job, my dream would be to have writing as my full-time career.

Are any parts of your book(s) auto-biographical?

Absolutely! Every book has threads of me laced through them. If you read about any of my characters being anxious, people pleasers you should know I’ve completely projected onto them. In that same way, I model characters after those I love (and, yes, some of the less than lovable side characters may possibly be modeled after people I don’t like, that writer stereotype is so true) often as well to highlight their importance in my life. My character Georgia in Meant to be Different is focused on attending the University of Southern Florida and shares a name with a state, two things that are shared with the cousin I am closest to.

Do you write to music? If so, what do you listen to?

Definitely! I create a unique playlist for each book that carries the tone I hope to convey in that story. For my Meant To Be series, it is a lot of country music because the series is set in the south. One of my dear writing friends Meka James heard the song “Meant To Be” by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line and that song, in particular, has become the theme for the series and appears in every playlist. I will often share songs specific to my works in progress on my various social media sites.

Have you ever been contacted by a nonfamily/friend fan?

Only once, but I’d love to take this opportunity to say that all my social media DMs and email are always open for any reader to contact me. I would absolutely love to hear from anyone reading my work at any time!

Who are your top five favorite authors?

Only five? Yikes! I have to say that I have been really gifted to have met an amazing group of authors at the beginning of my writing journey thanks to the wonders of writer Twitter. These are all incredibly talented authors and picking only five of them will be an impossibility. Also, we tend to reach really different audiences so I’m going to break a few rules here so I can encompass all my lovelies.

Deana Birch is my coauthor on Luca’s Lessons so clearly I think she is the bee’s knees and devour her words on the regular. Meka James, this lady brings all the super sexy times and has a brilliant cast of diverse characters in her works. Felicia Grossman writes the most engaging and entertaining historical romance and represents Jewish Americans beautifully in her books. Coralie Moss not only writes delicious romance centered on more seasoned heroines, but she also crafts magical urban fantasies that are completely consuming. T.K. Barber hops into two genres with paranormal romance and romantic suspense books that have the most profound voice you’ll ever find. Taralynn Moore manages to make even me fall in love with YA with words that wrap around you like a warm blanket. Luna Joya crafts the most realistic fantasy world I’ve ever encountered and has witchy sisters I am salivating for more of.

Last (and not the least by any stretch of the imagination) is my bestie Evie Drae. She has mastered the art of salacious and emotionally charged MM romance with the most profound and stunning words I’ve ever read. If I didn’t adore her, I’d have to hate the talent and beauty that not only encompass her writing but her as a human.

If anyone is looking for any new authors, you guys cannot go wrong picking from one of these brilliant women.

I’d like to end with a super special thanks to Christina and her team at Top Shelf Editing for having me!

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