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Author coaching is a relatively new term and official profession, but it’s actually been around much longer than you might realize. For example, I was coaching and helping authors for years before I ever heard the term “coach” and figured out, “Hey! That’s what I do!” That’s about the time I decided to quit my 22-year corporate career and turn that side hustle into a full-scale business that would allow me the time and the freedom to share what I’ve learned over more than a decade and share it with as many authors as I can possibly reach. And that is how I became the Founder & CEO of Write Your Best Book.

Now, as a writer, it might not surprise you that the best way for me to explain something “new” to someone is by using analogies. So, here’s the best way I can explain author coaching to you.

Imagine you decided one day you wanted to become a concert pianist. What would be the first thing you would do? Would you spend a few days/weeks plucking at the keys then pick up the phone and call the Metropolitan to book your big concerto debut, then invite 300 of your closest friends and family to come listen to you play for the first time ever? 

I really hope you answered NO to that question. 

Because no wise person would ever think of doing that or putting themselves in that position, especially in this day and age when anything we do can and will wind up on the internet for all of eternity, reaching thousands, maybe millions of viewers. And we wouldn’t want to risk making a fool of ourselves, now, would we? 

No. Instead, here’s what you’d likely do:

Strategize for Success

That’s the best explanation I can give you to explain author coaching and why they’re so crucial to an author’s writing career, regardless of what naysayers may tell you. If you’re writing your first book, or even if you’ve made the common newb mistake of diving right in and writing before you learn the craft, an author coach can help you in so many ways. And if you choose the right coach – one with experience, training, skillset, and who truly lives to help other authors – they can guide you through the often intimidating, even overwhelming prospect of writing your best book. 

Because let’s face it. Do you want to write just ANY book? Or do you want to write your BEST book? The path you take toward your writing career may look vastly different from other authors you know (totally fine – there are several different paths), but the goal and the end destination should be the same. You should be aspiring to greatness. Even if you truly love the craft of writing, what is the point if you can’t reach as many readers as possible and make a career out of doing what you love most?

So, if you truly want to be successful, regardless of what success means for you, hiring an author coach can make all the difference not just in your writing but also in what happens with your book and what your writing career looks like a year, five, ten years from now. 

And I truly believe, from the bottom of my heart, I’m the best author coach you’re going to find who’s doing what I’m doing right now.


Here’s why. And I’ll make this short and sweet. 

Because I am you. 

Yep. I’ll say it again. I am you. 

Nothing irks me more than seeing writing experts or “gurus” on social media spouting writing advice, and then when I look them up online (as you should always do, too), I can’t find any real evidence of their background, how they learned to be an author coach, or why they decided to help authors for a living. Worse yet, A LOT of them have never even written a single book before. 

But that’s not me. For one, you are welcome, in fact, I invite you to spend some time researching me, ask me any questions, ask me for client referrals…I have nothing to hide. For two, I truly do have a passion for helping authors, regardless of my status or if I ever make tons of money. And finally…this is what’s really important…I am an author, too. 

You can read my bio on the About Us page. But the most important point is not to brag about any of my own successes as an author because, frankly, I’m still hoping to become even more successful. The point is that I’ve been there. I know your struggles. I know your fears. I know your dreams. I know what it’s like to try to strike a balance between your passion for writing and all the many hats we have to wear as we “adult” every day. Trust me. I’ve been there. For almost 15 years…I’ve been there. 

Here are just some of the things I can help you with if you choose me as your author coach:

One final thing. I don’t want you to take my word for it. Instead, let just a few of my author coaching clients tell you about their experience working with me one-on-one. Each of these three authors and I worked together in 2020 (so they’re very recent), and each of them has successfully published their book (some traditionally, some self-published), and while they’re early on in their writing careers, they’re already seeing great results. I know this because I stay in touch with all my clients long after our sessions end to provide ongoing support and advice.

Here’s what they think about me as their coach:

If you’re still unsure if coaching with or without me is for you, do me a favor. At least hop on a totally free thirty minute call with me sometime in the next few days. I’ll answer any questions you may have about me or my services, explain my programs and rates clearly, and I always make sure every author walks away with at least ONE actionable piece of writing or publishing advice they didn’t know beforehand, even if they decide to move on.

It’s super easy, and it takes less than 5 minutes to reach out so we can schedule a session. Hop over to our Contact Us page and complete the ‘Request a Free Coaching Call’ form. 

Whether we wind up working together, or whether you choose another direction, I’m so glad you stopped by to learn more about author coaching. But even if you don’t move forward with us, keep in mind we have plenty of other ways to help authors here on this site. So, be sure to scroll back up to the navigation bar and take a few minutes to “shop around.” And if you have any questions whatsoever, the fastest and easiest way to reach out and ask a question is by first following us on any of the following social media platforms, then sending me a personal DM.

Thanks again for visiting us here at Write Your Best Book! 

Talk Soon!

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