"What exactly is Author Coaching?"

At Write Your Best Book, we firmly believe that the biggest mistake an aspiring author can make is to dive in head-first without first learning all they can about the craft of novel writing. And we also firmly believe the absolute best way to learn al this is by working with someone who’s been around the block a time or two, like our Founder & CEO, Christina Kaye.

In one-on-one sessions, Christina sits down with authors and walks them through all the right steps you should be taking to not just write any old book but to write your BEST book. Here are just some of the things you will learn working one-on-one with Christina:

"Why do I need Author Coaching?"

If you’re here, it’s because you have a dream. And in that dream, one day, you’ll be able to finally quit your demanding, stressful, thankless job, so you can focus on your passion, which is writing, for a living.

But the absolute biggest mistake any author can make is letting their excitement and eagerness get the best of them and diving right in to begin writing almost as soon as you make the decision to do so. It’s a highly common approach but it’s one that can be fatal to your future aspirations.

Instead, as with any other aspect of life, you must first take a beat, set goals and make a plan, then, learn all you can about the craft of writing books, how to do so properly, and approach writing your books the same way you would any other business venture. Because the fact is…being an author IS a career and you DO need to treat your books like a business.

Think of it this way…if your dream was to one day become a concert violinist, you would not jump right in, buy the most expensive violin available, book the local concert hall, and start trying to sell tickets to your first concert! What would you do instead?

You’d first learn how to be the best violinist you could possibly be, and while you could (and should) also watch YouTube videos and other ways of teaching yourself, the best way to increase your odds of being one of the best violinists ever, sell out concert halls, and make a living off your passion, would be to find, hire, and train with a veteran violinist.

You would learn all you could from them, take in all their best advice and tips, and practice, practice, practice until your fingers bled. Then, and only then would you be ready to even think about playing before your friends and family, let alone the world’s stage.

Need we say more?

"What I can expect during my coaching sessions."

Just like every story is different, every author’s journey is different, making it difficult to pinpoint or explain how author coaching sessions differ from client to client. But there’s some consistent guidance you can expect from your author coach, regardless of how your sessions are set up.

3 Month Program

Total cost: $2,500 (payment plans accepted)

The best way to take advantage of all the guidance, teaching, and support you will receive from your author coach is to sign up for the 3-Month Program. With this option, you will receive 12 one-hour sessions, typically held once a week via Zoom (or phone, if preferred). The first call (the “discovery call”) will be spent getting to know one another, and your coach will ask a series of questions to help her design a plan that is tailored specifically to your needs.

Over the remaining 11 sessions, if you follow our suggestions and stick to the program built just for you, you will be able to either write or finish your novel and either be ready to launch or have a plan for the launch of your book. It all depends on the work you put into it.

During each session, your coach will do some or all of the following: review chapters and make recommendations, answer any questions you have, provide support, motivation, and encouragement, and assign specific “tasks” to help you achieve your writing and publishing goals.

If you’re interested in our 3-Month Program, the best way to get started is to click the button below and ask for your FREE 30 minute consultation.

Pro Hac Hourly Sessions

$250 per hour

If budget is a concern, and/or you are unable to commit to the three-month program, we now offer one-hour session on a pro hac (as needed) basis. While you won’t have the benefit of the entire coaching program, we understand that not every author can invest in the commitment. So, with this option, you will receive one one-hour session, scheduled at your convenience, with no contract and no commitment required.

During each session, your coach will answer any questions you have and help you achieve your writing and publishing goals. You will still have access to the same resources as three-month contract clients, but no chapter reviews are included in this option. Think of it more of an hourly session where you can ask your burning questions, get the support and motivation you need, and get “unstuck” when necessary. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can schedule, and you’ll need to bookmark and use the below link to pay for and set up your first and subsequent appointments.

If you’re interested in scheduling a one-hour pro hac session, click the button below. No free 30 minute consultation is required for this option.  

"How do I sign up?"

1. Choose Your Session

To sign up for either option, simply choose one of the two above links to set up the appropriate session type. If you choose the pro hac option, that’s all there is to it! If you are interested in the 3-month program, you’ll set up your first free consultation.

2. Screening Process

Sadly, there are only so many clients we can take on each month, so we do have a simple screening process for those interested in the 3-month program. We’ll review a sample of your writing (up to 5 pages) before the free session, and make sure we’re a good match. 

3. Onboarding

If we are a good fit, we’ll then onboard you, meaning, we’ll set you up with a client portal, where you can easily schedule appointments, exchange documents, make payments, and more! Once the contract is signed and first invoice paid, your program can start as soon as 24 hours from then!


Are you ready to up your author game and work with a professional author coach who will put you and your book baby first?

Enough blah blah blah! Let’s take some action! If you’re even slightly interested in being our next success story, and you want to learn how to write your BEST BOOK and be your own BOOK BOSS, then, let’s do the darn thing!