Meet The Team


Christina Kaye

Founder/CEO/Author Coach

Born to and raised by a family of creatives, it’s no wonder I wound up working in this field and spending my days crafting suspenseful novels and helping other authors follow their dreams.

I’m an author coach, book editor, public speaker, and writing instructor, as well host of a top-ten rated podcast for authors. Aside from Write Your Best Book, I’m the Founder & CEO of Book Boss Boutique, the first ever one-stop online shop where authors can purchase the things they need to write a great book. I’ve helped over 300 authors on their writing journey through my book editing and author coaching services, as well as providing downloadable resources to help them write their best book and become their own book boss. I just happen to also be an award-winning/bestselling suspense novelist in  my own right.


Kaci Hedden

Website Administrator

Hi! 🙂 I’m Kaci and I live in Spring Hill, KS with my boyfriend (weird to say since it’s been 13 yrs, now!!) and our two boys! When I have some spare time, I love to read (murder mystery, true crime, and a random genre every once in awhile!), watch sports, or just chill around the house! I currently work full-time as a project manager, but I’ve always been passionate about small businesses! 

I started KLH Virtual Solutions to partner with small businesses that need some extra support! I stumbled upon the Write Your Best Book team, as they were needing website assistance. Quickly scheduled a chance to talk with Christina and so grateful to be a part of the team! I’m so excited to help support and watch the team grow!

Kota Lovett

Executive Assistant

Howdy! My name is Kota! I currently live in Glendale Heights, IL with my fiancé, Jacob, and our Cat (Fristlyn) and Dog (Goldie). Just to get to know me, I’m a Fantasy Writer currently working on my debut novel. A former vocalist in a Christian rock band, I found myself in a very unstable living situation that caused me to lose my place in the band’s line up. However, though I’ve been writing stories since I was eight, I really started writing fantasy stories when I was 18 to cope with some trauma, which worked like a charm! I found myself into whatever I was working on to worry about the real world, which was needed. I stumbled upon Christina on Tik Tok, attended her lives whenever I could, became a client, then an intern, and now am a full-fledged assistant at Write Your Best Book, and I’m beyond excited to be a part of this team!

Editor Team

Jen Selinsky

Hi, I’m Jen. I’ve been writing ever since I was fifteen years old. My first book was published in 2001, and I haven’t stopped writing since. I am a hybrid author and have published over 200 books in multiple genres. I received my MLS from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in December 2004, and I am now a semi-retired librarian. In addition to working on my own books, I am an editor and ghostwriter. When time permits, I also do amateur blogging, photography, and some drawing and painting. I live in southern Indiana with my husband.

Kirsty McQuarrie

Hi, I’m Kirsty! I’m from Scotland, a beautiful country known for its whiskey, friendly people, and constant rain. I love Pilates, dogs (of course, who doesn’t?), reading, and trying any cuisine I can find. I have two passions in life: travel and literature. I’ve spent the last ten years absorbed with both, reading every book under the sun while traveling the world, so you might say I’ve been living the life. I always enjoy a good romance novel, but, equally, love any genre from Sci-Fi to historical, fantasy to contemporary – I become enthralled with compelling characters and intricate plots, no matter the story type. Becoming an editor allowed me to combine my passions and find a new one along the way: helping authors make their writing the best it can be while creating more books for people to fall in love with. I’ve spent the last 5 years working this dream job, helping writers find their voice and reading new, fantastic literature each and every day.


To choose an editor you would like to work with, simply visit the Contact Us Page and when you fill out the form for a Free Sample Edit and Quote, type their name in the “other info” box! Leave blank if you would like us to pick the best editor for your project!